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A trick to facilitate the oil penetration into the skin

The penetration of a vegetable oil into the skin

Do you find difficult to make your vegetable oil penetrating into your skin ? Here is our trick to have a beautiful face without oil residues

There is an incresaing trend to use organic vegetable oils coming from first cold press process, to feed and hydrate the skin. They are an efficient and natural substitute to creams sold on the market.

Depending to your skin type, dry or greasy, it's important to use a type of oil : a thick oil will penetrate only until the epidermis and a liquid oil will penetrate until the micro blood stream, whitout being dangerous.

A simple trick

To facilitate the oil penetration into your skin, you can moisten it with thermal water or flower water. These waters will allow a pores dilatation, which will make the oil penetration more easier. Be careful, your face has to be moisten not wet for a better penetration.

Then put few oil drops in your hand palm, rub it with your other palm to heat the oil a little. Then apply on your face.

Our flower waters recommandations according to your skin type :

=> Orange flower water is recommanded for dry skins.

=> Rose water for mature skins.

=> Lavender water for greasy skins.


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