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How to ease the smell of a vegetable oil ?

How to ease the smell of a vegetable oil ?

A vegetable oil, mostly when it's pure, can have a smell which can be a little strong, sometimes too strong for some people.

To solve this issue, it exists a very simple solution : the mixing of a vegetable oil with essential oils. The essential oils are an excellent solution against strong smells of vegetable oils. In fact, essential oils have the particularity to contain a very pleasant smell and to be complementary with vegetable oils because they are miscible into the vegetable oil. By a mixture of these two oil, you will get a homogeneous and parfumed mixing, ready to be apply on your skin and hair.

In practice, the add of fews drops of essential oils will be enough to parfume a vegetable oil, without spoil the anti-ageing properties of this one.

Here are some examples of essential oils which can be used to parfume a vegetable oil :

  • Essential oils of Fine Lavander
  • Essential oils of Roman Chamomile
  • Essential oils of Rosemary

Keep in mind though that a lot of people tolerate and accept smells of vegetable oil, cause they consider it as natural and coming from what nature offer us.


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