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The argan and its oil

The argan tree and its oil

The argan tree could be the emblem of Morocco cause this tree is particularly present in this country. It is mainly located in the south west of Morocco and has always been an important part of the Berber culture. In fact, its oil is used for a long time in food or cosmetic. It still nowdays a lot of cooperatives which produce a handmade argan oil.

Fabrication processes

The oil is extracted from argan kernels, themselves located in the argan walnuts which grow on the tree. Depending on the fabrication process, it requires about 40kg of fruits to get one liter of oil.

There are two kinds of fabrication processes : the first one, for food, is made by argan kernels roasting process. The roasting process allows to release flavours to perfume meals. The second process, for cosmetic, is made without roasting, in fact the argan kernels go directly through a mixer without roasting process, to not lose the oil dermatological properties (vitamin E, Omega-6, sterols...).

The fabrication process of cosmetic argan oil is also longer and its output is weaker. In fact, it requires three or four hours of blending to get one liter of oil against an hour of blending only for a food argan oil. It's due to the roasting process which increases the quantity of oil extracted and makes the blending process more easier.

The argan oil is rich in vitamin E, polyunsaturated fats (Omega-6) and sterols, which makes it an excellent oil for hydratation and preservation of skin and hair.


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