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What is a first cold press process ?

What is a first cold press process ?

The first cold press is a manufacturing technique which consists in exerting a pressure with a press machine on plant's elements. These elements can be grains, seeds, almonds or any other vegetable elements which contain a fatty or an oily matter.

Why are we talking about first cold press process and why is it very important...

We talk about first cold press process because when the elements of a plant are pressed, they must stay cold or rather cold. And for this, the press machine should not overheat. In fact, by applying a constant pressure on plant's elements, this operation can generate an overheating of the press due to the repeated movement to grind the elements.

The first cold press process is very important in the manufacturing process of a vegetable oil, because an oil which has overheated will severely lose its properties. This is why the process must be done in a cold way, so the oil will keep its vertues (vitamin E, omega-6, phytosterols...).

Some of vegetable oils on the market contain this precision on their packagings. This is a guarantee of a good quality of the oil and it shows that the manufacturing process has preserved the oil's properties.


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